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           In Fall of 2007 I purchased myself  a 1989 Mazda MX6 GT. I love this vehicle, but as my funds are limited this project is a slow work in progress. The powertrain was rebuilt with 60k miles on it except the turbo which was never touched. Due to the previous owner using gasket maker instead of a true gasket. The stuff works somewhat, but I prefer using actual gaskets. My water pump went out 2 weeks after I had the car. Then turbo seal went out. So I decided to turn it into a project car and just get another set of wheels so I had reliable transportation. If your in to modify heavily it is best to get a 2nd set of wheels as down time may be more than what you expected. 

      The car comes with a SOHC 2.2L factory turbocharged with a IHI VJ11 turbocharger. I sadly was stuck with the automatic transmission. Which I really do not mind, but manual vehicles are fun to drive for me and being a FWD chassis. No need for the AT as this car may never see past the low 12s as traction is a issue. Just making this a fun car to take to the drag strip and AutoX.

My Modifications:

UPDATED 11/28/2008
Modifications Page Total amount invested into car: $2,124(just the total from the prices you see on this page)
The modifications with * before and after the mod were already installed before I bought the car.
Abb. Meanings:
TBI-To Be Installed
O-Ordered waiting arrival in mail

Short Ram Intake refer to my How-To on pg 5($40)
Flowmaster 40 Series with cheap tip($154 Installed)
TBI Voodoo MBC($0 Thanks Chandler)
TBI Custom turbo manifold with Garrett T3 flange and external wastegate flange($120)
Garrett TB0363 (T3 Series) Turbocharger($225)
Specs on turbo
# OE part #: 466672-2
# Compressor Trim: 50
# Compressor housing A/R: .42
# Turbine housing A/R: .48
# Horsepower Capabilities: ~275hp
# Internal Wastegate: Yes
# Water cooled: Yes
Aftermarket 17x10 Trans. Fluid Cooler($50)
TBI Greddy Type-S Blow off Valve($30 - Thanks Chandler)
New timing belt, tensioner, idler, valve cover gasket, water pump($90)
Bigger shinier intercooler($200)
MSD Blaster 2($40)
Two 10" Electric fans($100)


Summit Racing Voltmeter gauge($32)
Summit Racing Oil Pressure gauge($31)
Summit Racing Tachometer($35)
Summit Racing A/F Ratio gauge($26)
Sunpro Mechanical Boost gauge($20)
Summit Racing Battery Relocation Kit($78)
Custom Grounding Kit($40)

Tinted tail lamps & side markers($8)
Custom steering wheel gauge pod($40)

Grant Steering wheel($65)

Dual DVD/CD/MP3/AM/FM 7" Touchscreen($400)
1000watt Power Acoustic Amplifier($150)
2 12" Dual Subwoofers in box($150)

Misc. Items
If I made the list and prices for this category it would be PAGES. So I am not going to include it.